Sally Latimer-Boyce

If your PC crashes, or is infected with a virus, will you have a backup of your files to help save the day?


If you don’t have a safe backup of the files on your computer then you may be asking for trouble.  Your letters, spreadsheets, family photos, music – anything you have saved to your computer – can be lost as a result of computer hardware failure.   Files and folders can be inadvertently deleted, and even viruses and malware can compromise your precious files (for example, ‘ransomeware’ corrupts your files and then demands money to restore them to their original state).  Without backup, everything you have even done on your computer or laptop may be lost forever in the event of a disaster.


To protect your data, all you need is a backup tool (this video points you at some free software) and a USB Backup drive (you can buy one from any reputable electronics retailer).  If you don’t know what size drive to buy, this KNOW HOW video will help you work that out.  It will also show you how to install the free software and create your first backup, as well as how to check the backup history and how to restore (should you need to).


Once you have a backup procedure in place, remember to run the backup at least once per week, or better still – every day.   When that rainy day comes (and we all know it ‘s likely), you will be mighty-glad you proactively protected yourself from data loss.