Panda Patch Management (PM) is a feature-addon to Panda Anti-Virus Adaptive Defense 360 (AD360), and is available to all devices with an existing AD360 user license.  


Patch Management is identified as one of the KEY steps towards improving cyber security within your organisation, and as such, is documented in the National Cyber Security Business Guide   It also helps to ensure compliance with Microsoft's Modern Lifecycle Policy.





PM is deployed utilizing the existing pre-installed client agent, so no intervention is required on a currently licensed PC.  The PM add-on monitors the computer for both version and build updates (both windows AND third party) and applies them in a controlled way.  Once activated, PM displays the following prompt on users computers on weekly basis (or daily if preferred):-

Panda Patch Management



Panda PM will take care of the following update types automatically:


Microsoft Cummulative Updates


These are multiple build updates in one.  PM will apply these automatically.


Microsoft Build Updates


These are individual updates between versions.  PM will apply these automatically.


Microsoft Version Updates


These are released bi-annually on the modern life-cycle policy.  From Windows 10 version 2004 (build 19041) onwards, it is expected that PM will apply these automatically.


Third Party Updates


Many third party vendors present their own updates through the PM system.  These too will be applied by PM automatically.




EXCLUSION:  Every three years or so, Microsoft releases a "user-intervention version" of Windows 10.  These are few and far between, and are the only update types that Panda PM cannot (yet) apply automatically.  The last "user intervention" version from Microsoft was version 2004 (released 27th May 2020).  The next "user intervention" update is not expected until mid-2023 (however this cannot be guaranteed).  Should a manual update be required, Serendipiti will notify PM-subscribed clients in writing.

PM is most effective when users commit to restarting as soon as possible after this prompt.   Many of our end users select "Later" - then simply restart at the end of that same day.

Once installed and configured, the status of all licensed computers can be managed and monitored via the Panda Client Portal (existing users only).


Q & A's


Q. Can we change the time Panda alerts us of the need to restart?  


ANSWER:   No two computers are the same – Microsoft have arranged it so that if a vulnerability is discovered, it prepares a patch for any PC that needs it.    Panda Patch Management is simply a facilitator of those patches (not the cause of them).   


Panda does the job that the end user often overlooks:  It frequently checks Microsoft updates and applies them to its host machine as quickly as possible.  There is no way of setting the time that Microsoft and/or Panda offers these patches, but the LATER button is a peace offering (as a convenience to the computer user).


Q. Why cant I just apply the updates myself?


Think of Panda as your spotter.  He’s on a tower, looking out for the enemy.  It’s his job to alert you the second the enemy approaches.    


Panda Patch Management and Microsoft combined resolves a HUGE problem for computer users.  This formidable “duo” systematically plugs computers and provides ongoing protection from exploitation and vulnerabilities.  Not only that, it is applying these touch-ups all the time – never resting in the war against cyber criminals. 


Cyber Criminals are NOT huge fans of Patch Management tools.  They want users to dodge updates, ignore them, dismiss them even!   These updates mean Hackers have to work 1000 times harder to infect target PCs.   In a world of Cyber-Criminals, it’s good to recognise (and embrace) your allies.


…and, unlike the spotter on the Titantic, Panda PM is blessed with binoculars.