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Raise a ticket directly in our support portal.  To access the portal for the first time, simply enter your email address and choose your own password to create an account.  Thereafter, use the same credentials to access the portal: 

Raise a Ticket


Email your enquiry, together with the details to:  


What you need to know

Support is available only to clients subscribed to one of our Support Schemes. 

Report the details of your enquiry to our helpdesk on:

Need IT Support?


As an existing client (subscribed to one or more of our Support Schemes), we are on hand to assist with any IT issues you may have.   As a local provider (based in Wellingborough), we are able to offer priority assistance for all your IT needs - either by remote support, or site visit if necessary. 


Not already a client?  Please contact us in the first instance.

To get help, please reach out in one of the following ways:



Book a Remote Session


If your enquiry is not urgent, or you have been invited to reserve a slot for an ongoing IT project, you can book a specific slot with an IT Consultant by using one of the following appointment links.  Select a duration, date and time that suits you best and the slot will be reserved for you.  

  • If you need to provide further information on an open ticket, simply reply to the email that relates to that ticket. Alternatively, log into the portal and view / edit / update tickets from there.
  • As soon as your ticket is resolved, we will close it for you.
  • To ensure a speedy resolution, please raise one enquiry per IT issue (rather than group multiple issues into one ticket). 
  • Our objective is to provide complete transparency for the work we carry out on your behalf.  Therefore, our primary contact for your organisation will be authorized access to all tickets opened by the end users in your company. 



  • When you report an IT issue you will receive an email confirming a ticket has been raised (detailing any information you have provided).
  • When your first ever ticket is raised,  you will receive a one-time email inviting you to activate your account on the portal.  Click the link provided in that email and enter any password of your choice. 
  • Thereafter, you can visit the ticket portal at any time to view the tickets you have raised, using the email address and password used at activation.
  • All tickets raised will be worked on by one of our qualified support representatives during office hours (9am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday).
  •  As we make progress on your ticket(s), you will receive updates via email (no need to login to the portal).